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Now that the season has turned to autumn and the area is quieter, we are offering a more tailor-made programme for you - choose whether to hike, trail run, find out what Shinrin Yoku is or enjoy an evening hike followed by an alpage meal.

Our weekly timetable will return in December - ready for the snow!

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Welcome to the Morzine valley and our Mountain Cooperative.


The aim of our Co-operative is to combine the wealth of knowledge and expertise of seven local mountain leaders to offer a full summer program of different hikes.


Part of our vision is to help with the physical and mental recovery post Covid-19 lockdown.  Maintaining healthy immune systems, exercising, healthy eating, and positive mental health is of the utmost importance, now more than ever, and research has proven that a good hike in the mountains and immersion into nature can be great preventative measures.

You can now tailor make your own hiking holiday when you come to Morzine. Find something you are interested in, click the link and we will organise the rest.

This autumn, your hiking experiences can be high energy trail running, full or part mountain days with, Shinrin Yoku (appreciating nature and what is around us) or an evening hike followed by a traditional meal at a mountain restaurant

Please contact a member of the team above if you want to discuss any of the hikes.

*As with any activity, please ensure you have appropriate insurance*


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Foraging Walk

A fab few hours spent with Vivien learning about the flowers, fruits and natural delights of the Alps. Even though I’ve dabbled with forraging before, I came away with so much new knowledge! Particularly loved the teas we made on the walk that we sat and enjoyed near the end! Vivian was a great guide, her passion was infectious, knowledge diverse, and she was super friendly and attentive to the group. The walk on the Col d’Encrenaz was not difficult so would recommend this to even the most novice of hikers. Can’t wait to try one of the other activities offered by the cooperative.